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Tea 0.7.0 is released

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Gitea maintainer

We are proud to present the release of tea version 0.7.0, a CLI tool that allows you to work with pull requests, issues and more in your terminal.

You can download prebuilt binaries from, for more options look at the

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Thanks to @noerw


v0.7.0 - 2021-03-12

    • tea issue create: move -b flag to -d (#331)
    • Drop tea notif shorthand in favor of tea n (#307)
    • Add commands for reviews (#315)
    • Add tea comment and show comments of issues/pulls (#313)
    • Add interactive mode for tea milestone create (#310)
    • Add command to install shell completion (#309)
    • Implement PR closing and reopening (#304)
    • Add interactive mode for tea issue create (#302)
    • Introduce workaround for missing pull head sha (#340)
    • Don't exit if we can't find a local repo with a remote matching to a login (#336)
    • Don't push before creating a pull (#334)
    • InitCommand() robustness (#327)
    • tea comment: handle piped stdin (#322)
    • Allow checking out PRs with deleted head branch (#341)
    • Markdown renderer: detect terminal width, resolve relative URLs (#332)
    • Add more issue / pr creation parameters (#331)
    • Improve tea time (#319)
    • tea pr checkout: dont create local branches (#314)
    • Add tea issues --fields, allow printing labels (#312)
    • Add more command shorthands (#307)
    • Show PR CI status (#306)
    • Make PR workflow helpers more robust (#300)
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