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Gitea 1.21.3 is released

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Gitea maintainer

Gitea 1.21.3 are now released. 1.21.3 includs 18 merged PRs and fixes for security vulnerability.

We highly encourage users to update to this version for some important bug-fixes. This release is built with the latest released version of Golang resolve the announced CVE with Golang. CVE-2023-48795,

Thanks to @wxiaoguang for fixing the problem.

You can download Gitea 1.21.3 for example from our downloads page. Please read our installation guide for more information on installation.

We would also like to thank all of our supporters on Open Collective who are helping to sustain us financially.

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1.21.3 - 2023-12-21

    • Update (#28519)
  • API
    • chore(api): support ignore password if login source type is LDAP for creating user API (#28491) (#28525)
    • Add endpoint for not implemented Docker auth (#28457) (#28462)
    • Add option to disable ambiguous unicode characters detection (#28454) (#28499)
    • Refactor SSH clone URL generation code (#28421) (#28480)
    • Polyfill SubmitEvent for PaleMoon (#28441) (#28478)
    • Fix the issue ref rendering for wiki (#28556) (#28559)
    • Fix duplicate ID when deleting repo (#28520) (#28528)
    • Only check online runner when detecting matching runners in workflows (#28286) (#28512)
    • Initalize stroage for orphaned repository doctor (#28487) (#28490)
    • Fix possible nil pointer access (#28428) (#28440)
    • Don't show unnecessary citation JS error on UI (#28433) (#28437)
  • DOCS
    • Update actions document about comparsion as Github Actions (#28560) (#28564)
    • Fix documents for "custom/public/assets/" (#28465) (#28467)
  • MISC
    • Fix inperformant query on retrifing review from database. (#28552) (#28562)
    • Improve the prompt for "ssh-keygen sign" (#28509) (#28510)
    • Update docs for DISABLE_QUERY_AUTH_TOKEN (#28485) (#28488)
    • Fix Chinese translation of config cheat sheet[API] (#28472) (#28473)
    • Retry SSH key verification with additional CRLF if it failed (#28392) (#28464)

Contributors for 1.21.3

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