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Gitea 1.20.1 is released

· 2 min read
Gitea maintainer
Gitea maintainer

Gitea 1.20.1 is now released including 21 merged PRs.

We urge you to update as soon as possible.
1.20.0 has a critical security bug related to one of the new changes:

It was even possible to use the javascript:, vbscript: and data: URL schemes, which can directly execute code on your computer.
This should not be possible as it means clicking on a link by a user you don't trust can compromise your entire system (although the latter two schemes are only a risk in older browsers).

Thanks to Holger Just for discovering and disclosing the issue to us!

You can download Gitea 1.20.1 for example from our downloads page. Please read our installation guide for more information on installation.


    • Show the mismatched ROOT_URL warning on the sign-in page if OAuth2 is enabled (#25947) (#25972)
    • Make pending commit status yellow again (#25935) (#25968)
    • Fix version in rpm repodata/primary.xml.gz (#26009) (#26048)
    • Fix env config parsing for "GITEA____APP_NAME" (#26001) (#26013)
    • ParseScope with owner/repo always sets owner to zero (#25987) (#25989)
    • Fix SSPI auth panic (#25955) (#25969)
    • Avoid creating directories when loading config (#25944) (#25957)
    • Make environment-to-ini work with INSTALL_LOCK=true (#25926) (#25937)
    • Ignore runs-on with expressions when warning no matched runners (#25917) (#25933)
    • Avoid opening/closing PRs which are already merged (#25883) (#25903)
  • DOCS
    • RPM Registry: Show zypper commands for SUSE based distros as well (#25981) (#26020)
    • Correctly refer to dev tags as nightly in the docker docs (#26004) (#26019)
    • Update path related documents (#25417) (#25982)
  • MISC
    • Adding remaining enum for migration repo model type. (#26021) (#26034)
    • Fix the route for pull-request's authors (#26016) (#26018)
    • Fix commit status color on dashboard repolist (#25993) (#25998)
    • Avoid hard-coding height in language dropdown menu (#25986) (#25997)
    • Add shutting down notice (#25920) (#25922)
    • Fix incorrect milestone count when provide a keyword (#25880) (#25904)

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